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University of Oregon


  • Flow Cell Windows

  • Optics Mount for atom trap

  • GFP monitoring chamber

  • custom mini KEL-F Barbs

  • VTC Press mold

  • Dry Contact Carousel


The University of Oregon Scientific Instrument Fabrication and Engineering Shop, also known as TSA (Technical Science Administration) is a research core facility located in Pacific Hall on the UO main campus. We are a renowned scientific instrument engineering shop that has been operating to the benefit of publicly and privately funded research from our location in Eugene Oregon for over 30 years. Our shops house diagnostic and manufacturing equipment marriaged with rigorously trained personnel uniquely capable of providing prototyping expertise, technical consultation, electrical and mechanical engineering, CAD design, CNC/CAM programing, instrument repair, and precision fabrication services to all OUS research labs as well as private sector companies within the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the real world success of designers, researchers, scientists, artists, and knowledge-workers. The Technical Science Administration exists to provide access to tools and expertise for shortening the time it takes to go from an idea to a physical saleable object. Be the idea a process to create sustainable alternative materials from Oregon's own natural resources, or prototypes of hand-held gadgets assembled from the nano-scale electromechanical devices engineered and fabricated in Oregon's existing signature institutes. The projects we collaborate on originate in a variety of fields; from biology to product design, neuroscience to architecture, astronomy to athletics, and geology to nanotechnology. Enabling cross-disciplinary collaborations is and will continue to be an emergent cornerstone of our mission.

Functions of TSA

  • Design and construction of innovative scientific instruments
  • Repair and maintenance of existing scientific equipment
  • Instruction of students, staff, and faculty in the use of tools, machinery, and instruments

Usage and Labor Rates

  • Student Shop Usage: $15/hr
  • On Campus Projects: $50/hr
  • Off Campus Projects: $120/hr

For general inquiries, or to set up a consultation appointment, please contact John Boosinger at

TSA Staff Members

Machine Shop

Electronics Shop

Faculty Advisory Committee (F.A.C.)